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This page tracks the progress of DibaE's build.

Arrival of Bodywork 12 June 2013




Wing Mould Manufacture 6 March 2013





DibaE Suspension Assembly 5 March 2013






Arrival of YASA-750 electric motor


Seat Mould Manufacture 27 September 2012




Frame Build Progress 16 July 2012

Frame Build Progress 22 June 2012

Front section of frame taking shape.

First Machined Components Arrive 21 June 2012

Upright, Hub and Wheel Bolt.

Upright, Hub, Wheel Bolt, Wheel Bearing.

Upright and Hub.

Frame Build Progress 10 June 2012

The first of two frames is being manufactured on campus by the NMMU Racing team. A manufacturing jig was designed to ensure dimensional accuracy of the frame in all critical areas such as suspension and engine mounting points.

Frame tubing cut and labled, graphic indicating different tube thicknesses

Main roll-hoop bent to shape

Frame tubing cut to length

Frame jig locating key mounting points

Front roll-hoop and front bulkhead

Frame Mock-Up 28 May 2012

A wooden mock-up of DibaTwo's frame was manufactured to veryfy ergonomics, and serve as a checking jig for the bodywork.