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NMMU Racing is recruiting!


Mechanical Engineering Students
  • Research, design and simulation of all mechanical components including Suspension, Steering, Frame, Drivetrain, Body & Composites
  • Computational Fluid dynamics Analysis
  • Aerodynamic development of full aerodynamics package
  • Engine design and development
  • Chassis design,analysis and manufacture
  • Multi body modeling and validation
  • Tire modeling and performance optimization
  • Drive train design and development
  • Composite design and analysis
  • Suspension design and developmet
  • Automotive safety systems development
  • Manufacture and assembly of mechanical components for the vehicle
  • Sourcing and purchasing of components for the vehicle
  • Meeting applicable deadlines in the project timeline
  • Component and vehicle testing including at the race track
  • Analysis and interpretation of test data and race-tuning of the vehicle
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) development  

Electrical Engineering Students

  • Vehicle Electrical Circuit and Harness Design and Fabrication
  • Electric Vehicle Power Train Circuit Design and Fabrication 
  • PCB Development and Testing
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • CAN Bus Diagnosis and development
  • Simulation for Light Current and Heavy Current Circuit
  • FMEA Development

Mechatronic Students

  • Data Acquisition System Design
  • Sensor and System Calibration 
  • Vehicle Dynamic Control Logic Design and Diagnosis
  • Labview Programming
  • Real time system design
  • Data Analysis
  • FMEA Development

Business, Marketing & PR Students

  • Development of a Business Plan to present to the judges at the competition in Germany
  • Managing the costs and budget of the project
  • Development and implementation of a Marketing strategy to promote the NMMU Racing project
  • Active recruitment and selection of students to the team
  • Arranging special events to promote the project
  • Visiting companies to develop sponsorship opportunities
  • Creation of a team video to enter the "Media Event" in Germany 

Please submit the application form below with your CV when applying to join the team.

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Contact information
Mr Trevor Stroud
Tel: 27 41 504 3565