Change the world

DibaE is NMMU Racing's second Formula Student racing car, and the design incorporates all the lessons learned from building and racing DibaOne.

Some of the design strategies being followed in DibaE are:

  • Reduced weight - approximately 70kg lighter than DibaOne
  • Lower centre of gravity - to enhance vehicle dynamics
  • Shorter wheelbase - for better cornering
  • Comprehensive engineering simulation - Kinematics, FEA, ADAMS, CFD simulations employed as foundation to the design process
  • Component physical testing - selected critical components rig-tested to assess durability and fatigue life
  • Improved manufacturability - all components optimised to improve manufacturing quality and reduce lead-times 
  • Improved ergonomics - vehicle more adjustable,comfortable and controllable
  • Strategic use of composites - introduction of stressed composite components into the design
  • Focus on aerodynamics - introduction of aerodynamic design elements to enhance vehicle dynamics and cooling
  • Integrated data acquisition - vehicle dynamics, engine data and tyre temperature sensing integrated into the vehicle

DibaE's frame design

DibaE's Suspension design